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Can I savely book a tour online?

The website Ijen Plateau is run by the well known Helios Hotel and Transport team in Malang. If you want to know more about who we are take a look at both pages 'About us' and 'Contact us'. Or, have a look at the photogalery 'Helios Transport'. Otherwise, you can also take a look on the website of Hotel Helios. And, we are often online via Yahoo messenger. You can see our status - online or offline - on every page you visit. Simply click on the button.

Are prices online the same as when I book in your office?

Ijen Plateau works with a standardised pricing system. Thus, whether you book online or actually appear in our office in Malang doesn't make a difference. If you still have some doubts, we won't ask you for a downpayment. You then can pay on arrival. In this last case we need a copy of your passport and flight ticket. This to ensure us, you actual exist and intend to come to Indonesia.

What is the advantage of booking online?

If you book online, especially in the high season, you have the advantage of 'security'. Booking online means you can prepare your tour before you actually arrive in Indonesia and we can book hotels and make sure you will have a room. Besides, we can pick you up for example in Surabaya, Denpasar or any other city in East Java. This means that you do not need to come to our office in Malang to book a tour.

Why are prices not published online?

We do not publishes prices online, because that would keep us very busy. Prices change regularly, for example between high and low season, special events such as Ramadan, Christmas and New Year. Instead we offer you an online service, Yahoo messenger, or a contact form on the page 'Contact us'.

What payment methods do you support?

We accept all major Credit Cards and Paypal as well. However, you may contact us if you would like to pay through Bank Transfer or Western Union.

Why would I join Ijen Plateau?

Ijen Plateau/Helios Transport is well known for its service, good drivers and experienced guides. Therefor we got recommended in the Lonely Planet since several years. We both serve individual travellers and groups. We arrange tours on your request, to make sure we fullfil all your personal wishes. Those tours on this website are examples that can be fully adjusted to your personal requests.

What's the best reason to visit the volcano Ijen?

One of the best reasons is that you will not find anywhere else in the world the same kind of volcano. A similar volcano is also found on Java, at mount Kelud. But, just recently the mountain erupted of which as a result the acidic lake disappeared. It is predicted that this lake will reappear within 10 years. Besides, not too many tourist undertake the adventure of reaching the Ijen Plateau with the volcano Ijen. The road is rough. But, if you do want to visit the volcano take full advantage and explore the Plateau as well!!!

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