Ijen's history

A play of colors and a game of aromas in a surprising volcanic setting. How and when did the volcano come into existance.
Research at 's worlds lagest acidic lake; Ijen crater lake

Activity Ijen volcano

Pre-caldera activity of the Ijen crater complex is supposed to have started prior to 300,000 years ago. Getting interested? Read on...

Blue fire

Don't mistake Ijen's blue fire for lava. The blue glow is actually the light from burning of sulphuric gases.
A sulphur miner with Ijen crater lake as background


The quietly active volcano emits gasses, that are channeled through a network of ceramic pipes. The sulphur pours slowly from the ends of these pipes...

Blawan coffee plantation

History of Blawan coffee plantation, the coffee growing process, processing the beans and those who work at the plantation.