Sulphur factory in Licin village, East Java

After miners collected the sulphur at the crater lake of the Ijen volcano, it needs to be processed. The sulphur miners collect it and bring the sulphur to the weighing station, where it is further transported by a truck. During the purifying process sulphur in being purified. One can find this factory in the small village Licin just 15 kilometers from the weighing station.

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Sulphur miners at the Ijen Plateau in East Java, Indonesia

A 176 meter-deep greenish lake of sulphuric acid tops the Ijen volcano. The quietly active volcano emits gasses. Escaping volcanic gasses are channeled through a network of ceramic pipes. The sulphur, which is deep red in color when molten, pours slowly from the ends of these pipes and pools on the ground, turning bright yellow as it cools. The recovered stuff contains 99% sulphur.

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