Spend the night in a local house in Sempol village

Sunshine is glinstering in the fishponds and flowers seem to greet you warmly. Local houses are such something else; a Javanese experience.

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Catimor Homestay at the Ijen Plateau in East Java, Indonesia

Catimor Homestay is partly made from bamboo, and constructed in 1894. A newer brick building contains more basic rooms. This homestay is most closely located to Mt Ijen.

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Ketapang Indah Hotel in Banyuwangi - East Java

Ketapang Indah Hotel is situated at the beach, although you hardly notice when you stay in one of the fabulous cottages. The beautiful garden is a welcoming refreshment.

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Ijen Resort and Villas - Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia

Ijen Resort and Villas is a luxurious hotel at the foot of Mt. Ijen. The rooms overlook terraced rice fields and a row of volcanoes. Feel welcome in East Java.

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Paltuding trekking camp

At Pos Paltuding you can find three basic facilities to spend the night. It can get cold during the night, but just three km left to Ijen crater lake.

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Jampit Guest House at the Ijen Plateau

Jampit Guesthouse was built in 1927 19 km south of Sempol. It was inhabited by the Dutch administrator who managed the coffee plantation Blawan during the colonial era.

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Accommodation Ijen Resto & Guesthouse

Spend the night at the slopes of Mt. Ijen. One possibility is the relatively new and small Ijen Resto & Guesthouse.

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Ijen View Hotel and Resort

Ijen View Hotel & Resort lodges 55 rooms and is located at the city's border. It is a 2 hours drive to the entrance of Ijen crater lake.

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Arabica Homestay at the Ijen Plateau in East Java, Indonesia

At the Ijen Plateau in Sempol village you can find Arabica Homestay just of the main road. The magnificent views and the nearby coffee factory are the homestay's main attraction.

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Hotel Santika in Banyuwangi city - East Java

Banyuwangi - known as the "Sunrise of Java" - houses one of the Santika's hotels. The hotel is near the heart of Banyuwangi, and within easy reach of the airport.

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Hotel Ijen Cliff Resort

You will find six cottages at the eastern slopes of the Ijen Plateau. They are surrounded by wet rice fields and have views in several directions.

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Palm Hotel in Bondowoso city

Palm Hotel is centrally located in Bondowoso city. From here it is about 2 hours driving to the entrance of Ijen crater lake. The hotel is an old Dutch Colonial building.

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