Jampit Guesthouse was built in 1927 19 km south of Sempol. It was inhabited by the Dutch administrator who managed the coffee plantation Blawan during the colonial era.

Jampit guesthouse at the Ijen Plateau in East Java

Bedroom in the Jampit guesthouse at the Ijen Plateau in East JavaThe guesthouse is situated at the south of the coffee plantation, in a remote area. From Sempol it is a 19 km drive. The landscape changes while you drive from Sempol to Jampit. The coffee plantation is replaced by forest.

European architecture

Jampit guesthouse is a typical house with European architecture and a large garden with flowers like lily, gladiolus and aster. Because the house is situated at an altitude of 1,600 meters, you encounter a cool climate. The fireplace in the house might warm you at cozy evenings. Near the villa you find a guesthouse which can board around 150 people. But, there are no beds available. Often hunters take their shelter here.

View at Jampit Guesthouse at the Ijen Plateau in East JavaFacilities

The guesthouse has four bedrooms, which you will find down stairs, with each their own bathroom with hot water and toilet. The floors are carpeted, which feels nice on your feet since evenings are cold. Standard each room boards two persons. Extra mattresses can be added for an additional price of Rp 25.000.
The house, including the kitchen, is fairly big for just 8 people. You might feel a little bit lost. The house can provide shelter for around 20 to 30 people. The living room, with a fireplace, is on the first floor. Attached is a balcony to oversee the garden. You can cook in the kitchen, but you have to bring your own supplies. If you do not feel like cooking yourself you can order breakfast, lunch and/or dinner at Arabica Homestay.

Activities in the neighborhood

Compared to the area near Sempol, the activities that you can undertake differ. You can climb the non-active volcano Wurung. Walking across the savanna gives you the feeling of an endless world. You can either walk by yourself or ask for a guide. The area is used for hunting as well. But, most of the time, people who take their refugee in this villa are seeking for serenity and quietness.

Price per night in IDR for Jampit Guest House at the Ijen Plateau

These prices are valid for the year 2016.

Table 1. Price per night in IDR

For the house

Extra mattress
Up to 20 persons

8 people 2,000,000 25,000

 Note: the price includes hot water and breakfast

To book Jampit Guest House, please contact Arabica Homestay.