Sand Sea Bromo

Bromo is an active volcano (2392 m), lying at the center of the Tengger massif (2100 m); a spectacular volcanic landscape and one of the most impressive sights in Indonesia. The Tengger crater stretches 10 kilometers across and its steep walls plunge down to a vast, flat sea of lava sand. From the crater floor emerges the smoking peak of Gunung Bromo.

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G-Land in Alas Purwo National Park - famous surf spot

Alas Purwo National Park occupies the whole of the remote Blambangan Peninsula at the south-eastern tip of Java. Alas Purwo is Javanese for 'first forest', as according to the legend this area is where the earth first emerged from the ocean. One can find fine beaches, wildlife, savanna, mangrove, forest and the legendary surf spot Plengkung.

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Turtle at Sukamade turtle beach in Meru Betiri National Park, East Java

See turtles laying eggs at the beach at night. Hike through the forest of Meru Betiri National Park in the morning and visit the baby turtles in the afternoon. The Meru Betiri National Park is situated on the south coast between Banyuwangi and Jember. With magnificent coastal rain forest, abundant wildlife, beaches and superb coastal scenery, it is one of Java's finest parks.

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Baluran National Park - East Java, Indonesia

Java has a number of national parks and reserves that are Java's best kept secrets. One of them is Baluran National Park. Baluran is on the dry north-eastern tip of Java and is one of the most easily visited parks in Indonesia. It has grasslands reminiscent of Africa or Australia. This drive-in park is noted for its buffaloes, wild cattle banteng, deer, and bird life.

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