Blawan waterfall

The waterfall in Kalianyar village is just a one kilometer walk from Catimor Homestay. The waterfall is not only famous because of its form, but also because of it's history.

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Blawan hot spring at the Ijen Plateau near Catimor Home Stay

A "pool" is built to add cold water to make the water temperature of the spring bearable. While sitting in the hot spring, you actually hear the river Bunyuputih babbling in the background.

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Near both coffee factories at the Ijen Plateau you will find a shed in which some civets - luwak - are kept. At the factories civet coffee is being produced and sold.

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Coffee factory Blawan - women sorting coffee

The coffee factory Blawan was built in 1895. Next to the factory you will find the administrator's house. This house was also built in 1895. Many parts of the factory are still original.

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Civet coffee - kopi luwak - Ijen Plateau

Civet or luwak coffee is coffee that has passed the intestines of the mongoose or palm civet. It is believed that those coffee beans have a different taste compared to regular coffee.

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Coffee seedlings under plastic at the Ijen Plateau

Coffee plants are replaced after approximately 40 years. At Blawan they developed a new method to expand the longevity of Arabica, also called the Ijen Pruning System.

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Strawberries at the Ijen Plateau in East Java

You can do 2 tours on the Ijen Plateau, namely a tour to learn more about coffee and the plantation or a strawberry tour.

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