Sulphur miners at the Ijen crater lake

Your private tour to the Ijen crater lake - with start in Bali - to see Ijen's splendid blue fire and the world famous the sulphur miners.

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Sulphur miner carries his heavy load out of Ijen's crater - East Java, Indonesia

East Java's finest: Ijen Crater Lake, Ijen Plateau, Sukamade turtle beach in Meru Betiri National Park, Kalibaru and Java's best known volcano Mt. Bromo.

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Smoking Ijen Crater Lake, East Java - Indonesia

Visit the two most interesting and active volcanoes and their landscape in East Java; Bromo & Ijen in 3 days and 2 nights.

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Start in Bali to explore the Ijen Plateau

This 2 days and 1 night tour is a 'very clean' and favorite tour; you visit the Ijen Plateau and the Ijen crater lake. Then back to Bali.

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Start your tour to the Ijen Plateau in Bali

Visit in a relaxed pace: the most acidic lake in the world, the wonderful Ijen Plateau with its coffee plantations, and Java's most famous active volcano Bromo.

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Sulphur miners at the Ijen crater lake in East Java, Indonesia

When time is on your side, you can choose a trip to the Ijen Plateau and its crater lake on which you can fully relax. You will have an extra day on the Plateau and meet the locals and nature.

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