Start your tour to Ijen Plateau in Yogyakarta - Central Java, Indonesia

book your tour with ijen plateauFly to Surabaya as it is easy, comfortable and fast. You will be picked up and off you are to Ijen.

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Washing coffee at the coffee plantation at the Ijen Plateau - East Java, Indonesia

Visit the special spots in Solo, catch a marvelous sunrise before descending in an ancient volcano, and spot splendid blue fires before landing on Bali.

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Sulphur miner at the Ijen crater lake - East Java, Indonesia

Spare your time and catch a flight to Surabaya. Your specialized team will be waiting to bring you to Bromo, Ijen and Bali.

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Sulphur factory in Licin village - Ijen Plateau, East Java, Indonesia

Temples, tea plantation, coffee plantation, village and city life. It is a complete tour to get to know more of this part of Indonesia.

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Sulphur miners carry sulphur out of the crater at Ijen crater lake - East Java, Indonesia

There is so much more to see on your travel from Yogyakarta to Bali then "just" mount Bromo and the road. Head via the royal city of Solo to world's youngest volcano mount Kelud in Blitar and the the biggest blue fire area in the world at volcano Ijen.

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