Catimor Homestay is partly made from bamboo, and constructed in 1894. A newer brick building contains more basic rooms. This homestay is most closely located to Mt Ijen.

Catimor Homestay's hot tub filled with water from a natural sulphuric hot spring is then welcoming you. The tub is filled around five or six o'clock in the afternoon, and the water is always running. Besides, they have a swimming pool with fresh water. You can freely drink coffee and tea, while enjoying free WiFi. The coffee is locally made at the plantation Blawan. You can also buy this coffee if you like the taste. Catimor Homestay also sells coffee luwak.
The restaurant in the hotel serves breakfast (included in the room price), lunch and dinner. Or, you bring your own food.

Activities in the neighborhood
If you follow the signs in front of the homestay, it is a short walk to the waterfall and hot spring. Before you reach the hot spring you will find left of the road a shelter with civets (luwak). These animals produce the coffee luwak. A few meters further down you can enter the garden where young coffee plants are grown and experiments are carried out. These are used to provide the plantation with new material. Just after this garden the waterfall is welcoming you.

Ca Timor Homestay at the Ijen Plateau is owned by PT Perkebunan Nusantara XII , is an Indonesian state-owned agricultural company for the cultivation and processing of sugar cane, rubber, tea and coffee. Website : PT Perkebunan Nusantara XII

They have three types of rooms available.
Economy room, Standard room and VIP room   
Contact :
Roslia Sandra Julien +62 (0)82232388310
Address: Plalangan II, Kalianyar, Kec. Ijen, Kabupaten Bondowoso