Choose your city of departure to explore the tours you can book to the Ijen Plateau and Ijen's crater lake. Please, feel free to get in contact to adjust your tour to your wishes.

The phenomenon Blue flame or Blue fire

Ijen volcano is famous for its Blue Flame. It can only be seen during the night, when it is dark. And then, it still depends on weather conditions and the conditions of the volcano. Local authorities decide whether or not it is allowed to visit the crater at night. If it is allowed, you will have to be guided by a local guide. As the possibility to see the blue fire depends on these conditions, we don't include it as a standard in our tours. It is optional. If you wish to see this phenomenon please state it in your booking. In the booking forms on you can let us know your wishes. Then we can further inform you and of course we will inform your driver (and guide) as well about your wishes.

Please, keep in mind if you wish to see the Blue Flames that Ijen is an active volcano with a lake filled with a dangerous liquid. You are undertaking this tour in the middle of the night at your own risk.