Spend the night at the slopes of Mt. Ijen. One possibility is the relatively new and small Ijen Resto & Guesthouse.
 Ijen Resto and Guesthouse at the main road that leading you to Paltuding ( trekking gate ) 

Ijen Resto & Guesthouse
Nice views from all bamboo houses.
A room at Ijen Resto and Guesthouse near Ijen crater lakeFacilities
Ijen Resto & Guesthouse offers bamboo houses in a garden setting. The smallest (13,5 m2) bamboo houses carry the name Lily, but have the same nice view at the garden as the others. The bathroom does not have hot water. Anggrek I and II have a surface of 17,5 m2 and hot water. The biggest bamboo house (21,5 m2) is Dahlia. The price includes breakfast. You can either choose fried rice or toast. From June till August the management adds an additional IDR 50,000 to the price and 10% tax is also not yet included.
The restaurant serves traditional local Javanese food. Popular dishes seem to be fried Ijen Resto and Guesthouse near Ijen crater lakeduck (bebek goreng), grilled fish (ikan bakar) and fried rice (nasi goreng).


Activities in the neighborhood
When you are on the southeast side of the mountain, you find less interesting activities compared to when you stay in the coffee plantation Blawan. There is a plantation with coffee and clove trees. Or, you can take a look at the sulphur factory. Bring some cigarettes to offer the only eleven laborers working there.
Ijen Resto & Guesthouse has several types of rooms available. Those in the bamboo building are of better quality than in the brick building.

Contact :
Asmad : +62 (0)85 236 768 768 
Address : Jl. Kawah Ijen, Ampel Gading, Tamansari, Licin, Licin, Banyuwangi.
E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.