Karona Berg Homestay and Cafe, there are actually some beds available and basic facilities. Keep in mind that it might get extremely cold at this altitude in Paltuding! Paltuding is the trekking point gate.

Karona Berg Homestay and Cafe. Most of the rooms are has spring beds and hot water (seperated), The ideal place the night barbeque and friendly owner,The 'Cafe  provide some snacks such as mie, fried rice (nasi goreng) and fried bananas (pisang goreng). Otherwise, bring your own food.
Everybody who doesn't spend the night at Paltuding will arrive early morning at this post. Most likely at five o'clock. Everybody comes early because best pictures are taken around sunrise. Besides, the smoke coughed up by the crater thickens at 14.00 o'clock onwards, while in the raining season clouds also come in early.
It is just a three kilometers climb from the parking lot to the lake, but it is a brisk walk. In just three kilometers you climb 518 meters, that is almost 175 meters per kilometer or an average inclination of 17%! The first two kilometers are most heavy.


Contact :
Ibu Sari:  +62 (0) 812-4964-5234
Address : Jl. Kawah Ijen, Paltuding, Tamansari, Licin, East Java